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Teggi potty - an innovative solution for your child!

The teggi potty is the result of a collaboration between physiotherapists, parents and designers.


Its ergonomic shape will provide your child with comfort and ease of use, and a safe and stable non-slip base will guarantee a sense of security when using the potty.


Thanks to the innovative form of the potty, your child can easily sit down and get up from it in a comfortable and optimal body position.

Your baby’s physiological needs are met in a natural and ergonomic position. The symmetrical shape of the product allows your child to intuitively find the most comfortable place for themselves.

The potty has a compact design and takes up little space. It is easy to carry and can be conveniently taken on a trip or for a walk.

Our product also has attractive colors that have been selected in accordance with current trends, thanks to which the potty becomes a part of the interior of your home.

Teggi is perfect for all children who are starting to learn to use the potty, it was checked by physiotherapists who tested the product with different babies. They confirm that the position in which the child sits on the potty is in the best physiological position for defecation.


The teggi potty consists of two parts: the lower part where dirt collects, and the upper part – clean, on which your child sits, similarly to the toilet seat in the toilet. Thanks to this, the toddler learns to use the toilet hygienically, and you have easier access to emptying and cleaning the potty.


It is worth noting that our potty can have many uses in the future. It can be used as a toy, we can transform it into a plant pot or a container for cosmetics. This gives it a second life and helps to care for the environment by reusing the product.
The teggi potty is a perfect solution for every parent who wants to support their child in learning to use the toilet on their own.

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